Ask the Expert: A Better Back in 2012

“Oh, my aching back!” It’s a cry heard across the Hamptons as we recover from carrying holiday bundles, bending over putting away holiday decorations, getting out snow shovels and dealing with other winter weariness. So, what’s the best way to relieve that back pain? We turned to John Vassallo, a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT), for some answers.

John Vassallo, LMT, says: My treatment for that is a warm towel to relieve the stiffness and allow blood flow to the muscles of the back, followed by a nice compression of the back for ease and comfort.

One of my tricks is the use of some yoga postures to allow the pressure to come from body weight instead of the hands. It seems impossible, but trust me—it’s relieving and safe for the individual. More tricks and techniques to come!


Have more questions about back pain or massage therapy? You can contact John Vassallo, LMT, at 631-786-6406 or [email protected].  


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