It’s Girl Scout Cookie Season, And There Is A New Cookie In Town

There was a time in my life where I attempted to go on a low-carb atkins diet. The diet would last for about a week before I would drive by Hamptons Bagels in East Hampton and literally jump out of my car while it was traveling 30 miles per hour. I once nearly stabbed a guy to get a bagel while on the no-carb diet.

Needless to say, it doesn’t work for me.

And it’s this time of year where you can do some good in the Hamptons and buy some girl scout cookies from your local girl scout salesman. We all know the drill, you get a knock on your door, a little kid dressed up offers you cookies, and before you know it you are on your couch watching The Jersey Shore and are halfway through your fifth box of thin mints. Even your dog looks at you with a sense of sadness. “Get away from me dog! You don’t understand me right now!”

My favorite is the thin mint, frozen in the freezer, with a glass of whole milk. Strike that, a gallon of whole milk, and a Star Trek Next Generation marathon on Netflix.

This year though, The Girl Scouts have launched a new cookie, and it is known as the Savannah Smile. I haven’t tried it yet, but it sounds glorious. And the cookie has been launched in honor of The Girl Scouts 100 year anniversary, which is happening this year. The website for Girl Scout Cookies describes the cookie as a lemmon flavored cookie with powdered sugar. Celebrate the anniversary of the Girl Scouts with these bite-sized, lemon-wedge cookies dusted in powdered sugar and bursting with lemon flavor. Enjoy these delightful treats, remember where Girl Scouts began …and smile.

The name of the cookie was inspired by the hometown of Girl Scouts founder Juliette Gordon Low. 

Count me in for a box. Or seven.

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