Refreshing the Heart and Soul of Your Hamptons Home

Photos: Helen Lind

As the New Year begins, our natural instinct—and the tradition of many global cultures—is to throw out the old and bring in the new. On Long Island we pack away the holidays, try to detox and regroup in general!

To refresh your home every so often is vital to the health of the family and the space. The energies get stale so that the flow and feel of the home holds back the lives of its occupants. (The same goes for our own bodies, as any acupuncturist or body worker will tell you.) So in the quieter month of January, when the garden is in repose, take a look at the heart of your home…the kitchen.

Do you have a tired old fridge? Are the tiles cracked or dated behind the countertop? Do you have too much “stuff” hanging around in plain sight? Can you refresh the kitchen cabinets or sink?

The kitchen shown above and below has updated the fridge, stained the cabinets and removed a top piece of unnecessary coving, removed clutter, moved the new white porcelain sink to under the window, and added beautiful English floral tiles behind the stove.

The overall effect has been to create an elegant and functional work space preserving the historical integrity of this English Tudor 1930s home. A small, narrow space facing North which now has charm and improved energy flow. Instead of fighting the size of the space and the sunless outlook we kept the tones dark yet warm, including the dark brown floor tiles and the cabinet stain. (Dark walnut and English Chestnut applied over the golden oak cabinets) The white splash back tiles with the group from Minton Hollins provide a bright yet sophisticated feature drawing the eye to the kitchen’s important centerpiece: the stove, the family’s engine room!

What’s old in your kitchen that can be easily renewed? Even clearing off the countertops and the fridge door is an excellent start to feeling better about 2012! Or place a new rug in front of the sink.

Happy New Year from English Ivy Interiors!

Helen Lind is an interior decorator and home stager working in Long Island and Manhattan. You can contact her at (516) 922-518 for a proposal or consultation, or visit her

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