“Royal Pains” Returns to the Hamptons Tonight

Dr. Hank is back in the Hamptons! The summer season may not have arrived on the East End quite yet, but with the new season of USA’s Royal Pain arriving tonight—and star Mark Feuerstein along with it—we raise a glass (filled with Long Island wine, naturally) to our ten favorite Royal Pains episodes.

Pilot—You never forget your first time, and the first time we saw Mark Feuerstein’s Dr. Hank hit the East End we knew it was a match made in Heaven…or the Hamptons. Sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference.

If I Were a Sick Man—Where else but the Hamptons would a Bark Mitzvah not only be feasible but expected?

Keeping the FaithHenry Winkler living in the Hamptons! Happy days are here again.

Mulligan—We loved Tom Cavanaugh when he owned a bowling alley on Ed, but playing charity golf tournaments in the Hamptons is a much better way to go.

SpasticityMarcia Gay Harden won an Oscar playing Lee Krasner in Pollock, so it was only a matter of time until she returned to the East End—this time as a surgeon and a board member of Hamptons Heritage Hospital.

Run, Hank, RunMarathons can be a bit much. That’s why we have the Potato Hampton 5K.

The Shaw/Hank Redemption—Even if you missed this one, there’s no arguing that this is the best episode title of any TV show in the last decade. Or maybe ever.

An Apple a DayLong Island farm country welcomes Julie Benz as she puts some of  her training as a lesbian stripper on Desperate Housewives to use as a lesbian farmer on the East End.

In Vino Veritas—In Latin the title means, “In wine there is the truth.” Nowhere is that more true that in the Hamptons.

A Little Art, A Little Science—Last summer’s finale left us with plenty of questions. We’re ready for the answers to begin tonight…

What is your favorite episode of Royal Pains?

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