Burger King’s 1,000 Calorie Burger

Now that we are at the new offices in Southampton, we have incredibly easy access to McDonald’s and Burger King for lunches. I just read about a new burger coming out from Burger King that is 1,000 calories and sounds like another gift from the fast food Gods.

The New York Daily News reported that the burger is only in stores in the U.K. But holy lord does it sound a burger made by the devil himself:

“As if just one 100-percent flame-grilled fully certified Aberdeen Angus Beef patty wasn’t enough, we added a second one for you more peckish [hungry] types,” Burger King describes the burger, according to the newspaper. “Next we smothered it in a tangy steakhouse sauce and added applewood-smoked bacon and Irish mature cheddar cheese and finally surrounded it with crisp lettuce, tomato and onion, salad and creamy mayonnaise. Gosh, we’re worn out.”

Sure, but let’s face it—1,000 calories is nothing when it comes to fast food! Both Burger King and McDonald’s are already serving up burgers that will run you at least 700 calories. What’s another 300 more!?


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