Chuck Schumer Announces New Rules For Helicopters, So In Other Words, Nothing Will Change

I really have to hand it to politicians to pretend to solve problems that are clearly unsolvable. As if THIS TIME, somehow, they will magically stop helicopters from making noise.

In the Hamptons during the summer time, one of the problems that some residents will face is helicopter noise from private helicopters flying to their ocean front houses.

The WSJ Reports: In a move designed to curb the cacophony of whirring helicopters ferrying the rich and famous between New York City, the Hamptons and other eastern Long Island destinations, the FAA will soon issue mandatory orders for flights to take place north of the island, over the Long Island Sound, Sen. Charles Schumer said Wednesday.

Schumer also said the Federal Aviation Administration is contemplating similar rules for water routes along the 120-mile island’s south. The senator cited a commitment by Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood to begin implementing the changes by Memorial Day.

Riiiggghhhhtt…that will solve your helicopter noise problem in the summer time. Surely nobody will complain about a bunch of choppers flying along the new beach routes. Keep up the good fight! Any maybe next year you can solve the problem of all those pesky sports cars revving their engines.

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