Could Google’s Eric Schmidt Lose a Few Hamptons Toys in Divorce?

Business legend Eric Schmidt, who has been an integral part at turning Google into one of the most powerful countries on the face of this earth, is going to get divorced.

And holy crap is it going to be expensive.

The Daily Mail has reported that Schmidt may be selling $1.5 billion worth of Google stock to settle his divorce with wife Wendy. And among the many items that the couple share together, there are a few Hamptons toys that will be up for debate.

One of which is the legendary Oasis yacht that is parked in Sag Harbor right at the Long Wharf in the summer time. The deal to buy the yacht was actually brokered by a Sag Harbor firm. The Oasis yacht is awesome. It has a pool, a gym, is 195 feet in length and is considered to be one of the highest spec yachts ever built. Schmidt paid $72.3 million for that.

But Schmidt is going to be living the single life after the divorce. He is currently seeing Lisa Shields, 46, who is a Council on Foreign Relations and who he has been seen with in the Hamptons. Last summer he bought Shields a Dutch Warmblood show-jumping horse that performed at the Hampton Classic as a present for his Shields.

Love is a funny thing. I always wonder, what the heck is there to fight about when you get that rich?

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