Is Lin-sanity Heading to the Hamptons?

The buzz surrounding Jeremy Lin at Madison Square Garden is legit, but buzz that the NY Knicks phenom is looking at houses in the Hamptons is not. Once the Knicks picked up Lin’s deal following his insane…sorry, Lin-sane…performance over the past two weeks, the feel-good story of Lin’s sleeping on the couch of teammate Landry Fields (which Fields Tweeted—and might want to hold onto!)had to come to an end.

Couch Jeremy Lin slept on tweeted by Landry Fields
The “Jeremy Lin Couch”

The Daily News reported that Lin would be moving to an apartment in Trump Tower in White Plains (admittedly a better commute to games and practices than from, say, Water Mill), a building that “features outdoor basketball courts, an indoor and outdoor pool, a spa, a gym, and other top-of-the-line amenities,” the Daily News wrote. “Experts estimated that Lin, who is 23 and single, will pay around $3,800-a-month in rent. That’s not chopped liver, but Lin should be able to afford it on his $800,000 salary.”

So rumors about his perusing some Hamptons real estate remain just that for now. But Jeremy Lin always has a standing invitation on the East End!

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