Rehab for Super Rich in the Hamptons, And I’m Not Talking About Chocolate

There was a time, not long ago, when I was completely addicted to chocolate. I was eating chocolate bars on a daily basis. It was my love, it was my passion, and it was my fault that I forgot to keep my eating habits in check.

Many people suffer from addiction of another type—the type that can ruin your life, not your waist line.

But there is a place where Wall Street millionaires and other well-to-doers can go to battle drugs or alcohol in the Hamptons:

Business Week Reports reports: Sobriety, amid such bourgeois comforts as a heated pool or a yoga instructor, can be found a short drive east at The Dunes East Hampton, a luxury rehab facility that opened in December 2010. Recovery is hard, no matter how rich you are. So take away the oxycodone, but at least leave the quail eggs and yoga classes.

For the 1 percent, this $5 million facility is the first upscale rehab center in Long Island. Treatment costs $45,000 per month, and insurance and government support are not accepted.

Good thing I kicked those chocolate bars.

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