People In The Hamptons Are Going Crazy For “Hunger Games”

Every single theater on the East End is playing “The Hunger Games” pretty much every other hour and all of the showings have been selling out. The movie was released last week, and both the managers at Southampton and Hampon Bays movie theaters said to me that it’s basically the only movie that people are going to go see right now. This film is HUGE, and has completely dominated the box office since it came out. “The Hunger Games” was produced by Lionsgate, and the company’s stock price has been soaring. 

So why the heck do I have absolutely no interest to see this movie?

I just don’t get it. It’s a movie about teenagers on another planet who have to fight each other to the death. What the heck is so special about that? Obviously, I’m missing something, and am planning on seeing it soon. By all accounts from everyone I know that has seen this movie, they liked it, but of course, if they are snobs, they say the following phrase, “The book is much better.”

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