Steven Gains Asks, “Who Owns the Sand?”

Steven Gaines
Steven Gaines

East Hampton resident, writer and local political activist, Steven Gains, wrote an interesting op-ed piece for  New York Magazine that was published today entitled, “Who Owns The Sand? Beach Squabbles In East Hampton”

I highly recommend that you read it. Here is the opening paragraph.

From New York Magazine: You might have to watch where you put your terrycloth beach towel this summer in the Hamptons lest you trespass on some rich guy’s personal beach.  The once unthinkable is happening — homeowners are trying to privatize the sand.  Last month a Suffolk County Supreme Court decision concurred with gallery owner Floyd Macklowe and his wife Barbara’s contention that 22,000 square feet of the newly created Georgica Beach in front of their $26 million East Hampton home is an extension of their private property.  And they’re not the only ones in court.

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