The Shamrock Shake At McDonald’s Is Glorious

McDonald's Shamrock Shake

Happy post St. Patty’s Day everyone. I hope you all are, at the very least, functional today in the Hamptons. Yesterday in Southampton, before the festivities began, I decided that I would get a small order of the Shamrock Shake at McDonald’s, essentially a green, minty milkshake loaded with fat and calories.

Goodness was had.

Get this milkshake before time runs out folks. It’s glorious. It’s just absolutely glorious. But don’t be the guy that orders the number 3 and has the Shamrock milkshake as his drink, that is unless you feel like dying today.

But do get the Shamrock Shake. It’s like sucking down all that is wonderful in the world, and when it hits your belly with a loud and earth shattering thud, you won’t mind, because somehow you feel more American and Irish at the same time then you will ever feel in your life. The Shamrock Shake is sort of like a mixture of fireworks, mint-ice cream, glory, Gunniess, World War II and Walt Disney World topped with a cherry.

Yea it’s that good.

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