Poop Plant: East Hampton Is Deciding What To Do With A Waste Management Plant

East Hampton Town is spending months and months trying to decide what should be done about the waste recycling plant on Springs-Fireplace Road. Should it be a transfer station? Should the Town hire someone to run it as a transfer station? Should the Town run the place as a treatment plant itself as it once did. Should the Town lease the plant to some other company to run it as it also once did? Should the Town sell the treatment plant? Should the Town tear down the treatment plant?

A lot of hot air is being spent weighing this and that about this problem. Meanwhile the cesspool dump trucks come and go. I have an idea that could shorten the time spent going around and around about making this decision. Require all involved, Republicans, Democrats, Board Members, outside companies, environmentalists, recyclers, financial advisors, Town employees, police, merchants, our Town Supervisor and all other interested parties—all of these people—be required as a rule from now on to refer to this facility as the Poop Plant.

Should the Poop Plant be sold? Recycled? A transfer station? Should the Poop Plant be leased out? Should the Poop Plant be torn down, run by the Town employees, should the Poop Plant be blah blah blah blah?

I believe that if Town Supervisor Bill Wilkinson requires all references to this facility be spoken aloud as “Poop Plant,” a decision will be made about it in the time it might take for the average person to go to the bathroom. —DR

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