Your East End Real Estate Agent’s Unique Talents

Linda Perillo, Heddings
Linda Perillo, Heddings

When we think of the real estate market in the Hamptons, there are infinite possibilities. Luxury properties on the East End are what dreams are made of. Standing out in the real estate market today can be challenging. By taking a unique approach (using personal talents/knowledge) one can effectively raise the bar and make a great impression.

Prudential Douglas Elliman’s Regional Manager, Paul Brennan, a 30-year veteran in the business has certainly made his mark in the Hamptons. Brennan incorporates his extensive knowledge of local history and support of land preservation as part of his daily life. In fact, his family roots date as far back as the 1600s in Bridgehampton. He is the son of a potato farmer.

Historically, the Hamptons have been a retreat for many artists, actors and writers. It’s no wonder the likes of Truman Capote, Jackson Pollock and Andy Warhol (just to name a few) felt at home on the East End. Brennan believes in the importance of maintaining the integrity of our local towns and hamlets, as well as preserving land and maintaining open space. “The more we are able to maintain the open space on the East End, the more we set the Hamptons apart from any other place.” Brennan stays actively involved in the East End community and is a trustee of the Bridgehampton Historical Society and the Nature Conservancy. He also played an instrumental part in establishing the Peconic Bay Region Community Preservation Fund.

Linda Perillo, Senior Vice President and Associate Broker of the Heddings Property Group has taken her business into the future by using her knowledge of both green technologies and Feng Shui. “My goal is to help customers and clients improve their quality of life, and I believe that starts in their home—whether it’s reducing energy costs or by suggesting small adjustments to change, infuse and lift the energy in their living space.”

“I share my knowledge of green materials, technologies, codes and certifications to help homeowners identify opportunities to make their home more sustainable, efficient and healthy over all, which adds extra appeal in the current market, and to guide prospective buyers through their search for the right home. Feng Shui is a less mainstream practice, which is why I prefer the term ‘energetic design.’” Perillo helps her clients improve the atmosphere of their home by using invisible elements. She believes the energy in a space can make it more appealing and help aid in their purchasing decision.

Recruiting some of the best in the business is not an easy task, but for Chris Chapin of Prudential Douglas Elliman, East Hampton, it’s what he does best. Chapin believes that recognizing talent in others is definitely an important part of recruiting. “Everybody has potential; you just have to look for it and to be open for whatever gifts a person may have, even if those gifts are not readily apparent.” Chapin uses personality tests during the recruiting process. “The tests are not something that one can pass or fail, rather they indicate more specifically how someone views and interacts with the world. Some people have a great telephone manner, while others are very charismatic in person.”

When Chapin is not busy recruiting, he’s working with his own clients and can attribute his success to  taking the extra time to get to know his clients better. Once Chapin identifies  a client’s individual needs and interests, it makes the selling and buying of properties  much easier.

Paul Brennan, Linda Perillo and Chris Chapin are extremely successful individuals with unique talents. They set a high standard in the business of real estate as well as in their love for the Hamptons. There is no question as to why they continue to succeed in business.

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