Ferries, Alec Baldwin And The First Day Of Summer

I woke up this morning, took a shower, ate some toast, then a coffee, then a .99 cent Arizona iced tea, and then got to work at the Dan’s Papers office in Southampton. As I went through my morning e-mails and plan for the day, I walked over to the sales department and heard Lori Berger and Ellen Dioguardi discuss the new ferry in Sag Harbor.

Lori is the inside sales manager here at Dan’s and Ellen is the events and marketing manager and there was a mathematical discussion taking place about the cost savings of taking the new passenger ferry from Sag Harbor to Greenport.

“Well you figure that if you are going to go to Greenport using the old car Ferry from Shelter Island, you will pay $23 in total, and that’s just for one way. The South Ferry is $11 and the North Ferry is $12. The new ferry will just be $20 round trip,” Lori said.

“But don’t forget about the increased traffic to Sag Harbor, that’s gonna be a problem,” Ellen said.

This is my professional life, I thought.

“David did you write about this yet online?” Lori said.

“Yes, but I haven’t given any opinions on it. I just put something up in the Scoop about it a few times.”

“Oh okay.”

Damn it. Now I have to give my opinion on this thing, and sadly, I really have no opinion. I really do not care about the passenger ferry in Sag Harbor. I guess it’s good. Why not? Sounds like fun to take a ferry from Sag Harbor to Greenport for the day.

I can’t imagine that this passenger ferry becomes a need for people. This seems really more like a fun thing to do and transportation, to me anyway, is really more about need. I don’t really see tons of commuters using this every day like I do with the South and North Ferries, so it will be interesting to see if this thing is financially viable. Maybe there are more people who have a need to get to Greenport by foot than previously thought. But as far as I can tell, this will be more like a fun thing to, versus an actual useful thing.

But I think it’s great. I’ll probably use it once or twice. I think it’s going to be more of an advantage for Greenport tourism than it is for Sag Harbor.

And so there are my thoughts.

Now I’m back at my desk, updating this blog, going through my e-mail and Alec Baldwin apparently got in a scuffle with a photographer in the city yesterday and I’m not sure if I feel like writing about it because 1. I like Alec Baldwin, so when he gets into a fight with a photographer I’m always gonna feel like it was probably the photographer who was being a jerk and 2. I just finished writing this whole damn thing about the ferry in Sag Harbor. It never ends man. It never ends.

Thank God it’s hot out today and that summer is officially here, I need to get to the beach.



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