I’m Looking Forward To The Blessing Of The Fleet In Montauk

The Blessing of the Fleet in Montauk is a pretty cool event that I always try to make every year. Fishermen have dangerous jobs, I don’t think people appreciate how dangerous the job of a commercial fisherman is these days.

The purpose of the Blessing Of The Fleet is to help protect these guys when they are out at sea and making their catch. I don’t need to tell you how many things can go wrong when you are 50 miles off shore on a fishing boat.

The annual blessing of the fleet will take place at the Town Dock in Montauk Harbor at 5PM on Sunday, and it’s always incredible to say these massive fishing boats pass by Gosman’s Dock and head out into sea, while the crew of the boats wave and the whole Town, the Coast Guard and tourists, come to celebrate it.

Let’s hope that the commercial fishermen of Montauk have a safe and successful season.

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