Recycle Your Fishing Gear!

East Hampton has been chosen to participate in the “Fishing for Energy” Program, a partnership between the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Covanta Energy Corporation and Schnitzer Steel Industries. Also part of the partnership is Gershow Recycling, whose mission is “Conserving the Future by Recycling the Past.” They are offering their services to this important program at no cost.

Gershow has delivered a dumpster to the Montauk Transfer Station. People can bring their unwanted fishing gear and place it in the dumpster. When full, Gershow will remove the dumpster, reclaim and recycle the metals, and haul the waste to a Covanta waste-to-energy facility where it will be turned into energy. And then the process repeats.

All this at no cost to the Town or participants.

People who bring their fishing gear to the Montauk Transfer Station will not be charged an entrance or tipping fee.

Gear that can be placed in the dumpster includes: nets (nylon, polypropylene and monofilament), fishing gear rigging (trawl dragger cookies, cans, rollers and chains), traps and pots (wood or vinyl coated wire) and line (nylon, polypropylene).

Please note that if anyone places any household trash or other debris in the dedicated dumpster, the program will end, and we will lose this valuable opportunity.

Watch for details on an event to be held at the Montauk Transfer Station on World Oceans Day, June 8.

East Hampton Town Trustee Debbie Klughers secured the federal grant that will make it possible for fishermen to dispose of their used fishing gear at the Montauk Transfer Station and turn it into energy.

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