Suffolk County DA Office Clears East Hampton Of Illegal Misconduct Related To Ronjo

The Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office sent a letter to the Town of East Hampton on Tuesday that stated the allegations against the town for participating in illegal conduct during the permit process for the Ronjo Motel. The letter, which was sent by Christopher A. McPartland of the DA’s Office, said the allegations were “totally baseless.”

Zachary Cohen stirred up the allegations after sending a letter to The East Hampton Independent which said that town employees and board members issued illegal building permits and were given unfair advantages from friends on the town board. Part of the letter reads, “As a result of our investigation it is determined that each and every allegation of illegal conduct or misconduct in the letter is totally baseless,” McPartland wrote. There is “no evidence at all” to support the notion that the building permit was issued illegally. There is no evidence at all that the attorneys encouraged illegal action and, said McPartland, “the suggestion that the owners received an unfair advantage from ‘friends’ on the Town Board is totally without merit.”

Interviews were given during the investigation behind closed doors with Town Officials and Cohen was given an opportunity to support his claims, but after the investigation it was determined that there was no evidence to support the claims.

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