Ask the Fitness Expert: Ripped on Ropes

Ropes are one of the newest, unique conditioning tools to hit our studios and gyms. They are excellent for improving your cardio and increasing muscular endurance. Ropes are a favorite training tool of top athletes and fighters for peak conditioning and training. Ropes range in width, length, material and weight, making them applicable for everyone at every level. Ropes can be anchored by a weight or wrapped around a tree/pole, or held by a partner in plank, squat, or standing to result in a partner workout. Ropes have many names and are most commonly referred to as “Warrior ropes” and “Fighting Ropes.”

Training with “Warrior ropes” yields amazing results in muscular endurance, cardiovascular conditioning and fat burning. Rarely do you find a tool with so many possibilities. The most common rope exercises include making waves and slams where you’re using total body flexion and extension as you slam the ropes down for strength, power and endurance. Waves can be varied in nearly infinite combinations. You explosively move your arms and body, creating a wave of motion that travels down the rope. Your intention is to keep waves and movement clean and consistent while keeping your “trunk” and abdominals as tight as possible. As you advance, adding leg combinations such as lunges and squats are fun and help your body work on its stabilization.

Now get out there and try something new and exciting!

April Yakaboski
Owner of Aerial Fitness & Hot Yoga Studio
Riverhead, NY 11901
*Please note, we recently changed our name after expanding our hot yoga studio upstairs.

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