Hampton Sun Provides Prestige Sun Care

It’s no secret that the name “Hampton” is synonymous with leisure and splendor. And S+G Hampton Sun has harnessed that magnetic allure of the South Fork to be a leader in luxury skincare.

Launched in 2007 by Salvatore Piazzolla and Grant Wilfley, Hampton Sun offers a wide array of sun-inspired products. The two came up with the idea for the line while lounging poolside in Southampton. Armed with a basket full of generic sunscreens, they realized that there was nothing on the market in the way of prestige sun care.

Drawing on their love of the Hamptons, the two named their line Hampton Sun, and a lifestyle brand was born.

Hampton Sun is an experience,” said Piazzolla, the president and owner of Hampton Sun. “We’re a leader in prestige sun care.”

Hampton Sun has everything a smart, serious and stylish sunbather needs to enjoy all of the fabulous outdoor activities that the East End has to offer. The product line includes SPF 4 and SPF 8 Tanning Oil, SPF 15 Tanning Gel, SPF 30 Tanning Lotion, Continuous Mist Sunscreen in SPF 15, 35 and 55 and an SPF 30 Lip Balm.

New this year is the SPF 70 For Kids Continuous Mist Sunscreen and the Hydrating Aloe Continuous Mist. The kids’ sunscreen can even be applied to wet skin – a fact that will not be lost on Hamptons families who know all too well how difficult it is to lure swimming children out of the water, and then deftly apply enough sunscreen, as they clamor to get back into the pool.

The hydrating oil is perfect for those who want to give their skin a boost after a day in the sun, as it soothes and replenishes moisture. While everyone will enjoy giving their skin that added touch of luxury, it’ll be especially good for those Hamptons lobsters who – tsk, tsk ­– didn’t prep for their sun exposure with a dose of the line’s sunblock.

And, to that point, Piazzola recommends that most people should use at least an SPF 35. However, that can vary depending upon skin tone.

“It’s so subjective, but I definitely encourage protecting yourself,” says Piazzola. In general, he also advises reapplying sunscreen every 80 minutes.

Affirming that most people heed Piazzolla’s advice, the most popular of the Hamptons Sun products are the SPF 35 and SPF 50 in the Luxe Sport line, which is “very water resistant” (the highest rating for water resistance) and sweat-proof.

“The tanning oil also has a huge following,” says Piazzolla. “The SPF 8 Sun Tanning Gel will get you that instant bronze.”

But more than feeling and smelling fresh and light, Hampton Sun seriously shields sunbathers from the summer rays.

“The science behind Hamptons Sun is unique, and we work with a world-renowned chemist to create one of the leading sun care products on the market,” says Piazzolla. A key ingredient in the products is polycrylene, a hyper-advanced technology that enhances SPF and increases the water resistance of the sunscreen.

In addition to the breakthrough science behind Hampton Sun, the products are made from a variety of natural and organic ingredients, including walnut oil and pure organic aloe vera, which work to enhance the sunbathing experience.

Piazzolla and Wilfley strove to create a product that not only protects from the sun, but also complements the natural beauty of the skin. The line is very hydrating, and includes such anti-oxidants as vitamins A, B, C, D and E to create a soft and refreshing feel.

Also in the vein of luxury living, Hampton Sun has a popular perfume, Privet Bloom. The scent evokes the fresh smell of area privet hedges.

And, as the term luxury becomes married to the concept of going green, Piazzola made sure that Hampton Sun wasn’t simply “another pretty face” on the market.

“Our packaging is environmentally friendly. It’s pressurized by air using the bag on valve method.” This eco-friendly way to distribute a spray ensures that 100% of the product lands on the skin.

So, where is Piazzola’s favorite beach to lounge after applying some Hampton Sun? Coopers Beach in Southampton.


Hampton Sun products are available locally, nationally and online. For a list of stores and more details, visit www.hamptonsuncare.com

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