Seinfeld, Baldwin and “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee”

When Jerry Seinfeld was coming up with his new show called Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, we have a feeling that the show pitch basically went a little something like this.

Russell Dalrymple: So, what have you guys come up with?

Jerry: Well, we thought about this in a variety of ways, but the basic idea is I would play myself…

George Costanza: May I…?

Jerry: Go ahead.

George Costanza: I think I can sum up the show for you with one word: nothing.

Russell Dalrymple: Nothing?

George Costanza: Nothing!

Russell Dalrymple: What does that mean?

George Costanza: The show is about nothing!

Yes, Amagansett resident Jerry Seinfeld has a new show about nothing, and judging fro the recent trailers, it looks funny—really, really, really, ridiculously funny.

The name of the new Seinfeld show is  Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. As of this writing, it has not yet aired, but it has many in the comedy world talking, and fans of Seinfeld will have a Sein-gasm when they see Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld sitting together in a coffee shop and talking about, well, nothing much at all.

With the last episode of Seinfeld having aired almost 15 years ago, however, the comedian has decided that it is time for another go.

The opening scene of the promo includes Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld getting coffee, but Larry David instead decides to order an herbal tea.

“I’ll take an herbal tea,” David says while Seinfeld gives him a disapproving look.

Larry David then says, “I can talk just as well, holding this cup. What’s the difference?”

“We go to an ice cream shop. I get a cone and you get a salad. That’s the difference,” Seinfeld says.

Other comedians in the show include Ricky Gervais, Michael Richards and Alec Baldwin. And yes, I’m calling Alec Baldwin a comedian, because damn it, the guy is hilarious.

Nobody wants to give any details about the show, but the underlying buzz for it is already happening. The show will premiere only online, and you can see it on Crackle and on July 19.

Seinfeld originally debuted in 1989, running for nine seasons. Many critics described the sitcom’s central theme to be much ado about nothing and even during their first season, many weren’t sure whether or not it would even survive as a television show.

This new show is produced by Crackle, a digital unit of Sony Pictures Entertainment, and is the first major venture of Seinfeld in the world of online entertainment. It will be interesting to see if Seinfeld can take over the Internet in the same fashion that he took over television. It wouldn’t surprise this writer if he does.

As far as we can tell, it really is just a cast of funny people hanging out in coffee shops or in cars while drinking a coffee. You might think that’s not really that funny—but then you’re forgetting about the Seinfeld genius.

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