Are You Psychic?

Everyone is born a little bit psychic. You may not use it all the time, but there is something inside all of us that all-too-occasionally amazes us with “lucky guesses” and flashes of insight. A recent University of Chicago national poll revealed that 67% of Americans “now profess a belief in the supernatural” and that 42% “believe they have been in contact with someone who died.” A Gallup Poll confirms: 49% believe in ESP, 25% feel like the have experienced telepathy and 14% have consulted a psychic.

I wasn’t born with the ability to hear the dead “speak” and know the future, but I developed the intuitive gift we are all born with through decades spent researching intuition and psychic phenomena.  I’ve written many books to help others tune into their own psychic abilities. Some people are only intuitive about crisis situations. Some people just get names out of the blue for people. Like chefs, different psychics have their specialties. I know a psychic who is good at business but not good at love. Some people who are born psychic see it as a curse and not a blessing. I’ve read read for the police to help solve cold murder cases, for private investigators on international assignments, as well as for many celebrities and corporations.

Day in and day out, our psychic imagination is speaking to us in the only language it understands, symbols and feelings, and what we have to do is learn how to listen. It wants to help us know the next step to take! Our gut feeling is our intuition and it is speaking to us all the time. There are many reasons we don’t listen to it and the biggest one is fear, not only fear of being wrong and embarrassed but also fear of being right and having our life change in ways we can’t always control or predict.

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