It’s Simple, “Blade Runner” Is Cheating At The Olympics And Shouldn’t Be Allowed To Compete

I’ve given it a lot of thought, and I just don’t see in any way, shape or form, why the “Blade Runner” should be allowed to compete in the Olympics. The guy is cheating and everybody knows it.

For some reason, he is literally allowed to compete in the Olympics while having super light, carbon fiber, springs attached to his body instead of legs, that are specifically designed to make him run fast as if he is the bionic man. THEY ARE GIANT SPRINGS FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! It’s not fair, it’s a clear advantage, and it shouldn’t be allowed.

I don’t see the difference between this guy and let’s say, an armless boxer who is allowed to compete in the Olympics with a sledgehammer attached to his shoulder and for some reason, everybody rallies around him when he sledgehammers the crap out of another boxer and wins the gold and we all talk about what a great athlete he is.

Or, and I think this is the best analogy that points out how ridiculously unfair Blade Runner has it, if a legless swimmer was allowed to have massive flippers attached to his body as legs to compete against Phelps.

It’s just stupid. It’s not fair. And yet the world seems to be cheering for  Oscar Pistorius of South Africa as if he is doing this great accomplishment.

In my opinion if this guy DOESN’T win the Olympics in the 400 meter, he’s the biggest failure of them all. How can you lose a race against anybody with freaking giant springs attached to your body instead of legs.

To suggest that this guy doesn’t have an advantage and shouldn’t be allowed to compete, to me, is just absurd. To suggest that this guy is overcoming something difficult is equally absurd. This is black and white for me. There is no grey. The guy is cheating, it shouldn’t be allowed. End of story.

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