Selecting a Builder for Your Hamptons Home

You’re finally ready to build your dream home in the Hamptons. You’ve fallen in love on your visits to the East End—summer parties and fun on the beach, the crisp days under blue skies in the fall, cozy dinners out on winter weekends, the pretty promise of spring—and now you’re going to establish your own home here.

Or you’re already a resident, ready to undertake the next step: a move to a new property, into the home you’ve always envisioned, or renovations to the house you’re already in—to accommodate a growing family, or create that perfect space. It’s exciting and daunting.

For most families, building or renovating a house will be one of the largest investments you will make, and the most important. There will be many decisions to make along the way, from finding the perfect property to choosing an architectural style and finalizing a budget, right down to selecting the color of the living room paint.

But the single most important choice of all comes at the very start: Which builder will you use?

Price, while clearly important, is not the only factor to be weighed. A builder’s reputation, accessibility, communication and personal service are important factors, too. And local knowledge—of municipal zoning codes and other regulations that can affect your project—is also key.

Where to begin embarking on the process of selecting the right builder? In the video below, Phil Kouffman, Vice President,  MKL Construction Corporation will walk you through making the key decisions that are critical to a successful project—and a beautiful outcome.

Have more questions about building your own dream home in the Hamptons? You can contact MKL Construction at 631- 324-9090 or visit them online at

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