Video: Sir Ivan’s Castle Party In Water Mill Last Night To Present His New Single La La Land

Sir Ivan of Water Mill threw his annual castle party last night that was arguably the party of the summer. Attendees included Sir Ivan, Ramona Singer, Sonja Tremont Morgan, Mario Singer and Naomi Wilzig. The party was for the release of his new single, La La Land.

Guests were shipped via bus from a parking location in Water Mill to his private home, which was surrounded by tight security. His castle in Water Mill was filled with people dressed up in animal costumes, decorated with neon turtles. lit up with large fire bowls surrounding the pool, and complete with a live performance by Sir Ivan on his private stage. There is a video of the performance below that I took.

Sir Ivan was donning his signature cape with a diamond encrusted peace sign in the center of it, as well as being surrounded by beautiful women, seemingly at all times.

This guy is living life on his terms, seems to have a genuine passion for peace, and knows how to throw one hell of party in the Hamptons.

Last night, there was talk that the Sag Harbor Variety store completely sold out of costumes that were specifically being purchased just for this one party in the summer time.

Only in the Hamptons.

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