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The Riverhead Main Street Historic District Is Listed With The National Register of Historic Places

The Riverhead Main Street Historic District, which is roughly east and west Main Streets., Griffing, Roanoke, Maple, and Peconic Aves. have recently joined a prestigious group of places in America after the Director of the National Park Service announced that it is officially on the National Register of Historic Places.

With a scenic waterfront along the Peconic River, between the forks of Long Island’s East End, Riverhead is a hub of courthouses, amiable restaurants, new and old hotels, and historic buildings, as well as a hub for future mom-and pop-stores.

“The town is reinventing itself,” said Chris Kempner, Riverhead Town’s Community Development Director, in a phone interview. “It’s totally a new paradigm down here…Riverhead is defining itself now with its own personality.”


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