Is Your Hamptons Home Ready for Fall?

With the high cost of heat and electric, getting ready for the upcoming season on the East End is important for not only energy efficiency reasons, but for safety reasons as well. Make a checklist to be certain your family and your home are protected and properly equipped for fall and winter.

Starting with maintenance, it’s imperative to have your heating system (furnace) and water heating system (boiler) serviced before use. A service company will check everything out to make sure the system is running safe and is clean and, more importantly, that there is no carbon monoxide leakage.

Cleaning your gutters is a must as well. As the leaves fall and fill the gutters on your home, water collects and seeps into the foundation that will inevitably cause costly damage. It is also recommended to add an extension on your gutters leading drainage at least three to four feet away from the foundation.

Have your roof checked, whether you eye it yourself or have a repairman take a once over to analyze the condition of the roof and shingles. There may be a few minor spots that need a quick repair. A little money well spent will save a lot more in the future.

Caulk around doors and windows to seal in the heat, and you will save on your utility bills. Outside water faucets should be turned off and sprinkler systems drained.

Of course, each home is unique, and these are only a few tips to help guide you through an energy efficient and safe fall and winter—nothing beats speaking with a local expert from the East End!

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