Office Space Goes “Virtual” In Southampton

Area real estate professionals whose home offices are not in Southampton are excited about “the new kid on the block”—the Hamptons Virtual Office Center, the first of its kind in our area. The venture has received great interest after their opening on Memorial Day Weekend, when they hosted a networking event with the Southampton Chamber of Commerce.
I visited the “virtual office” and talked to manager Julie Ott to see what all of the hubbub is about.

“It’s a one-stop shop for all of your business needs,” Ott explained. The Virtual Office Center provides a variety of professional services, and it seems like they have all their bases covered. Packages include a prestigious mailing address at 53 Hill Street in Southampton, telephone answering, and the ability to reserve time to see your clients in the office. “That’s the basic,” she said. “You can really grow from there.” There are various levels of membership that allow clients to use the desk space and printing, meeting rooms, executive offices, and more.

The special features of the Virtual Office Center are abundant. “We have a very, very state-of-the-art phone system,” Ott noted. When a phone call comes in, the secretary will know who the caller is trying to reach, and how the client wants them to answer. They offer graphic design services, so clients can get help with needs such as brochures and websites. Administrators can even help someone write a business plan, which is great for start-up companies.

Everything in the office is brand new and features the latest technologies. I was particularly impressed by their workstation and printing equipment specifically for architects and those in real estate, especially because those markets are huge out here. Another impressive feature is their plan to place a digital display by the front door, which can change according to who is using the office. When people enter, they will be greeted by a personal display, which makes it feel like their own office.

If you haven’t already noticed, all of the Hamptons Virtual Office Center’s services are extremely personalized to the client’s business. “I think that’s very important out here on the East End,” Ott said. “There’s a lot of small businesses growing…this is something that is definitely more tailored to this area for sure.” She grew up locally, and has worked in the virtual office industry in Manhattan, so she is very familiar with the needs of the Hamptons community.

Moreover, every kind of business, from locally-based enterprises to people just visiting for the summer, can benefit from the Virtual Office Center. It is especially great for small companies who are not ready to open up a big office just yet. Clients can purchase membership packages, or use the facilities a la carte. The basic package is just $145 per month, and expanded ones start at monthly rates of $225 and $375.

The Office Center is still growing and hiring new staff to provide the full professional experience. Ott hopes to include even more services in the future: “I want to create a networking community within this business,” she added. An outdoor seating area, which members of the public are encouraged to use, also fosters a sense of fellowship. They are proud of their year-round presence, and support of their neighbors in the area. “What we’re offering is a less-expensive option,” she concluded, “but also an option to grow your business with us.”

The Hamptons Virtual Office Center, 53 Hill Street, SH. 631-377-3891,, [email protected] Open Monday-Friday 9 a.m.-6 p.m.

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