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The Corcoran Group’s First Foray Into TV

The power of television is undeniable. With technology transforming generations of audiences over the past few decades from the basic to the extravagant, we have witnessed a certain magic that this medium evokes. As viewers, we are transfixed or “glued” to certain shows, news broadcasts, events, entertainment and educational elements—all that television offers us.

Millions of viewers across the world tune in each and every day to watch, learn and be entertained and advertising agencies know it. Networks bank on it. Commercial spots have definitely come a long way since their humble beginnings; in fact, the very first television commercial was aired on New York’s WNBT station and cost only $9 for a 10-second spot.

The year was 1941; the advertiser was very familiar to Sag HarboritesBulova, “the watchmaker.”

The groundbreaking spot was simple and displayed a picture of a clock superimposed on a map of the United States and enhanced with a voiceover that stated, “America runs on Bulova time.”

It was short, impactful and to the point. Since that time, no pun intended, we have certainly come a long way and so too have our commercials.

The Corcoran Group, one of the world’s most notable real estate firms, recently aired their first ever television commercial—a 30- and 60-second commercial spot, to be exact.

The commercial takes us on a journey with French bulldog Marcel while he searches the Corcoran website for the perfect agent, the perfect new pad and the perfect neighborhood after being kicked out of his last New York apartment for barking. Corcoran promises to help Marcel find “a place he won’t be able to stop barking about and a home that dogs’ dreams are made of.”

As viewers, we accompany the pampered French bulldog as he goes for a massage, surfs the web for the perfect outdoor café, meets his mate for a date, strolls the neighborhood and checks out his new digs.

The gist of the commercial is geared toward showing viewers how easy it is to find the right home or apartment when you use the Corcoran Group’s newly redesigned website. It’s all at your fingertips, or in this case, at your “paw tips.”

Corcoran’s new and improved website offers all the bells and whistles we’ve come to expect and more. The website offers users everything there is to know about a potential neighborhood, local shopping, schools and much more.

You can view this fun-spirited commercial on YouTube or catch it airing in New York City, Long Island, Palm Beach, Florida and at select movie theaters on Long Island.

Whether we’re watching a car commercial, beauty ad or promotional advertorial for the latest blockbuster film, the power of each spot is in the message and the creative edge. The Corcoran Group really hit the ball out of the park with this commercial placement and unique production. And, it appears a star was born. Hey, every dog has his day.

Hmmm, I wonder which Corcoran agent Marcel will use for his summer 2013 Hamptons rental?

I guess we’ll just have to stay tuned…

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