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Hillary Clinton Leaves Hospital and May Return to Work in DC

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton is recovering well after doctors discovered and treated a blood clot in her head, according to a report from the Associated Press on Wednesday. The former first lady and Hamptons regular was released from New York Presbyterian Hospital on Wednesday and details about whether she will return to work should be available in the coming days.

The AP report said Clinton has been in continued contact with her foreign counterparts as well as her staff as they handle matters of U.S. foreign policy from Washington in her stead. The Secretary of State was admitted to the hospital on Sunday to treat the clot, which resulted from a concussion she suffered earlier last month. Clinton fainted at home and hit her head while sick with a stomach virus, the AP reports.

Though Clinton was released from the hospital after her doctors prescribed a proper regimen of blood thinners, she has not yet returned full time to work. She has already resigned as secretary of state in order to plan a run at the presidency in 2016, but Clinton has more than two weeks left in her tenure before Massachusetts Senator John Kerry succeeds her. Clinton‘s role as secretary of state ends later this month when President Obama’s second term officially begins on January 21.

The 65-year-old Clinton has no neurological damage and she is not expected to suffer any long-term damage from the clot, according to the AP. She had a similar clot in her knee back in 1998 and the problem has caused many in Washington to question whether it could hinder her presidential ambitions.

Clinton has not been seen publically since December 7, but she could be seen in the Hamptons soon enough. She and her husband, former president Bill Clinton, have said they plan to purchase a home on the South Fork from which they can plan her 2016 presidential campaign.

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