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How to Survive in a World Without Hostess Twinkies

One of the biggest stories of 2012—the death of the Hostess Twinkie and golden sponge cake icon Twinkie the Kid—is really hitting home for East Enders as the new year begins. Until Hostess find a buyer for its various brands, many have been seeking something, anything, to fill the hole left in our hearts and gullets.

Enter the Little Debbie Cloud Cake.

It’s not quite the same as Hostess’ most popular snack cake, but the bakery giant’s former competitor has rolled out its own version of the cream-filled belly bomb. Unfortunately, a search on Little Debbie’s Product Locator reveals that Cloud Cakes are not available anywhere on the East End of Long Island. In fact, there are no Cloud Cakes within 20 miles of the Dan’s Papers office in Southampton.

See for yourself.

More painful still, the only Little Debbie Cloud Cakes available within 50 miles of Southampton are across the Long Island Sound in Connecticut. If you feel like making the trip—perhaps on the New London Ferry out of Orient Point—the Product Locator found several locations in our neighboring state.

See them below.

Visit and try the Product Locator yourself to find Cloud Cakes in other locations around the country. If you happen to get ahold of these elusive snacks, tell us what they’re like, or suggest your own Twinkie alternatives in the comments below.

For the purists out there, don’t fret too much. Walmart is apparently in negotiations to make Twinkies an exclusive snack offering in their nearly 4,000 stores around the U.S.—including Riverhead, we hope.

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