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HarborFrost Is On, But The Crowd Needs To Form

Sag Harbor is beautiful today. The sky is perfectly clear, all of the stores are open, there is plenty of parking, the streets are clear, but the crowd is light due to the storm yesterday. However, as the words spreads that it is up and running for business, it is surely going to get busier. The fireworks tonight are still on and the fire dancers are also going to be performing as well.

I was just down at Long Wharf and the water is frozen solid, so there is a current debate going on with locals who are wondering if the polar bear plunge is going to kick off. Hopefully it will.

At the beginning of town, be sure to check out the snow woman that has been constructed by Mackenzie and Piper Morgan and Lily and Stallard Babcock, who spent the morning building “Ms. Harborfrost” in the picture above!

Get down here! Don’t miss this great time. Crowds are already getting bigger!

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