New “Die Hard” Movie Out for Valentine’s Day—This Is How Men Feel Who Aren’t Allowed to See It Today

It’s Valentine’s Day in the Hamptons, so it’s time to get romantic, which means that my girlfriend will probably not be into seeing the new Die Hard movie that is out in theaters on the East End and is playing in Southampton.

All right, it’s time to get serious here. At this moment, at this very second that you are reading this, it is time to do something for your wife or girlfriend for Valentine’s Day, if you haven’t planned it yet already. It’s time to pick up the phone. It’s not too late, but it almost is, and if you don’t do something, well, you’re a dead man.

On the plus side, you can go watch the new Die Hard movie…alone…with a huge bucket of popcorn


Order some flowers, make a restaurant reservation, get a card, get some jewelry, SOMETHING! Today is the day to be romantic. Gurney’s Inn is offering a very romantic “renew your vows” package where you get a romantic dinner, accommodations for two and an opportunity to restate your wedding vows in front of an audience—I’ve seen this before, and it’s very, very romantic. And here are even more Hamptons Valentine’s Day ideas.

Don’t be like these guys at Walmart today.

Possibly the most adorable Valentine’s Day gift I have ever received came to me this morning when I walked into work and found a handmade Valentine’s Day card on my desk from the daughter of the Editorial Director here at Dan’s Papers and

Caution: Cuteness level overload

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