Valentine’s Day Movies, Top 10 Most Underrated and Overrated Ever

Cuddling up with a good romantic movie is a lovely way to spend Valentine’s Day, but only if you’re picking the right movie. Our poll of local East End movie mavens resulted in an indispensable Top 10 list to keep with you and share with the one you love.


Underrated: When Harry Met Sally… Simply because there is no way this all-time gem can ever be overrated. Ever.

Overrated: Sleepless in Seattle A very catchy title and an homage to An Affair to Remember, plus rom-com-star-of-the-moment Meg Ryan, do not add up to When Harry Met Sally II…


Underrated: Kissing Jessica Stein The film’s tagline is “a funny, smart, fresh look at sex and the single girl.” It was all that and more.

Overrated: Love Story The film’s tagline was “love means never having to say you’re sorry.” True love means never saying “watch this with me on Valentine’s Day.”


Underrated: The Road Just making sure you’re still paying attention.

Overrated: Dirty Dancing Somebody put Baby in the corner. Please.


Underrated: Forgetting Sarah Marshall Jason Segal is the perfect lovelorn sap, Russell Brand the perfect bad-boy foil and Mila Kunis the perfect not-just-a-rebound girl who come together in an island paradise

Overrated: An Affair to Remember This must have become a classic in a time when romance was defined in some circles by darkly depressing life events that keep people apart for no good reason at all


Overrated: Pretty Woman No matter how many Cinderella comparisons you try to draw and how many Roy Orbison tunes you dance to in Rodeo Drive clothing, there’s something off-puttingly businesslike about making love, well, a business transaction

Underrated: Say Anything No matter how many iPods are sold or how many people use Pandora, there is something about standing outside your paramour’s window with a boom box over your head blasting Peter Gabriel that remains timeless for any generation

What’s your favorite Valentine’s Day movie?

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