Finally Some Sanity—Mayor Bloomberg’s Soda Ban Gets Blocked By a Judge

I love Mayor Bloomberg, but he’s just so completely wrong about this soda ban. Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Milton Tingling knocked down the large soda ban right before it was about to go into effect yesterday. Thank God.

I guess if you were planning on becoming a 20-ounce soda bootlegger, you’ll have to look at a few other career choices, at least for now.

The judge called the Health Department rule “fraught with arbitrary and capricious consequences.”


Bloomberg, who has a house in Southampton, is prepared to battle the ruling. Come on man! You’ve had your reign as Mayor, can you please just let this go? If you keep thinking like this you’ll start banning ice-cream cones bigger than three scoops.

Am I the only one around here that wants to decide for himself how much food and what type of food he eats? I mean, are we really getting to the point where we are going to ban sugar and water mixed together into a drink?

Health reasons? Are you kidding me? No offense, but nearly every single person that represents the “healthy” lifestyle today looks like they already have one leg in the grave and are riddled with health problems. Nearly everybody that buys into wacky diets gets sick and goes off of them. It’s just not complicated, if you want to lose weight, YOU HAVE TO EAT LESS. It doesn’t matter if it’s soda or vegetables! Anybody can get fat by eating too many of ANYTHING.

So, the logic here is what? Ban everything that’s sold in high quantities?

It’s just such a joke. It’s absolutely terrifying so many people are in favor of this. If we keep going down this road, pretty soon birthday cakes will be illegal.

I’d love to see the body mass index of each employee of the Department of Health. I bet you the average BMI is no different than the rest of New York City. And I bet you all of them will tell you they don’t drink soda.

Just so absurd.

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