Hamptons Police Blotter : Horse Blankets, Wild Turkey

Horse Blanket

A grey blanket designed to keep a horse warm went missing in East Hampton last week. Police who came to investigate the incident questioned the horse as to whether he had any information, but his answer was nay.


Father Knows Best?

A man in East Hampton was arrested for drunk driving after he was pulled over by police. Things went from bad to worse when officers found the man’s son sitting in the backseat of the car…wearing a t-shirt reading “World’s Number 1 Dad.”


Marching Madness

Several people were reprimanded for lewd behavior at the Montauk St. Patrick’s Day Parade that took place last Sunday. In one instance, a man who had fallen asleep in the bushes near the gazebo was told to move along by police. He complied and walked to another bush, where, you guessed it, he fell back to sleep.


Shelter Island

Old Man McGumbus—104 years old, former World War II P-59 Mustang Pilot and President of the Shelter Island Bearded Men Association—was arrested last week after he decided to organize a parade on Saturday without the town’s permission. The Old Man, was able to recruit many of the town residents to volunteer for the event, which began at Pickles Juice Street and ended near Bucksach Avenue. For the most part, the parade was a big hit. However, McGumbus, who drove his private and fully functioning M-1 Tank during the parade, was at one point spotted tossing small plastic bottles of Wild Turkey Bourbon into the street (which is illegal) while his girlfriend, Ivanka Ruskeski, a 26-year-old waitress and bartender at the Wet Clam, steered the machine. McGumbus drew the attention of police when he started firing shots from the tank near Coecles Bay, scaring the daylights out of Shelter Island Ferry Boat Captain Henry William Musselbach III. He was arrested and subsequently released after paying a $150 bail.


Roof Fire

A small roof fire at a Southampton Italian restaurant broke out last week that was put out immediately by the owner using a fire extinguisher.

Southampton Volunteer Firefighters responded to the scene to make sure everything was okay. It was also quite difficult for them to leave because, well, let’s face it, how can you walk out of an Italian restaurant in Southampton without making time to mangia.

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