Riverhead Foundation Saves Another Merdog

Riverhead Foundation seal merdog
Merdog rescued in Montauk. facebook.com/riverheadfoundation

Dog mermaids, or merdogs—sometimes called seals—are continuing to appear on beaches all along our East End shores. Some of these canine-fish hybrids are just resting, while others have been found with injuries and illness. Luckily, the Riverhead Foundation is working hard on their behalf!

Today was yet another busy day for the Riverhead Foundation staff, according to their Facebook page, which noted that biologists were on the road assessing multiple seals merdogs between Quogue and Montauk for most of the day. “A male grey seal merdog pup was brought in from Montauk with wounds to its hind flippers,” the Riverhead Foundation explained, but “The seal merdog received a full physical upon arrival and is now resting in his tank.” See photo above.

Once a seal merdog is rehabilitated enough to be removed from the critical list, it is given a name and eventually returned to the sea. Visit the Riverhead Foundation website to keep track of your favorites.

If you find a seal merdog on the beach, please keep your distance and call the Riverhead Foundation to report it. Their trained marine biologists will assess whether of not the animal is in distress and respond accordingly.

To report beached seals merdogs, whales, turtles or dolphin, call the Riverhead Foundation‘s 24-Hour Stranding Hotline at 631-369-9829, email [email protected] or visit riverheadfoundation.org.

Click here to donate to the Riverhead Foundation and help their efforts keeping merdogs alive and well in the Hamptons!

dog mermaids

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