Take a Dip: Trends in Pool Technology

There’s nothing finer than taking a dip in a nice cool swimming pool on a hot day. Whether entertaining guests, appreciating the aesthetics or just swimming for exercise, there are plenty of reasons to have a pool built in your backyard. Growing up, the thrill of jumping off the diving board and splashing into the deep end of our pool was always a blast. Games of volleyball and pool wrestling were always a great time. Of course, plenty has changed since I was a kid, and to learn a bit more about the latest innovations and trends in pools, I turned to the experts at J. Tortorella Custom Swimming Pools and Kazdin Pools, Inc.

“I think, without question, the most popular thing in pools today is what we call ‘negative edge,’” said John Tortorella. “Another term is ‘infinity edge,’ they’re very popular and have a higher price tag.” A “negative edge” or “infinity edge” pool is, essentially, a pool constructed to give the appearance that the water goes directly to the horizon, in effect, vanishing from the eye.

Both companies were in agreement that probably the most popular technical innovation in pools today is automation. “Pretty much all the pools we build today all are able to be run from your smartphone,” Tortorella said. “You can turn any feature on, get PH readings—it’s so interactive and amazing.”

Green technology is also incredibly popular at the moment. “Magneto-driven pumps are very energy efficient. Depending on the specific products and manufacturers, combined with the automation, the water heats up and cools down faster. It’s incredibly sophisticated,” said George Kazdin. “A magneto-driven pump just consumes far less energy than the older pumps. Add to the fact that the reduction of RPMs results in something around $500 in savings a year in terms of operating your pool.”

However, even if a pool relies on green technology, it’s still recommended that a pool is shocked with chlorine at least every two weeks. “Salt is nothing more than sodium and chloride. It creates a very nice swimming/bathing environment, but for someone taking care of their own pool, you can run two, maybe three weeks with a salt system and get away with it,” Kazdin said. “As long as there’s the proper salt content in the pool, the device works, but you still have to balance all the chemicals in the pool. At the end of the day, chlorine is the safest, fastest way to kill bacteria in your swimming pool.”

Pools that are designed to utilize a kind of garden aesthetic are also wildly popular at the moment. These kinds of gardens make use of water features, as well. Often, pebble or marble finishes are coupled with the construction of a spa near the pool to add to the relaxation factor. Some customers opt for wine refrigerators, barbecues, even kitchens.

To close my chat with Tortorella, we talked about oddly shaped pools. Pools shaped like kidneys and L-shaped pools are relatively standard. However, Tortorella upped the ante in terms of the ridiculous when he installed a pool shaped like a hatchet.

In my younger years, having a heated pool made you a hot shot. But now, with the reduced RPM and green-driven magneto pumps, outdoor kitchens and wine refrigerators and hatchet-shaped pools, I feel like having a heated pool simply isn’t enough. Maybe constructing a pool in the shape of a smiley face with the eyes and mouth used as bars for mixed drinks is in my future? If anyone wants to swipe that idea, by all means, call Tortorella or Kazdin and make it happen. Just don’t forget to invite me when it’s finished. I’ll bring the suntan lotion and towels.


For more information or to create your own dream pool, visit tortorella.com or kazdin.com.

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