How to Spend $600 Million in the Hamptons

The mysterious Florida Powerball jackpot winner is going to need some help spending all of that money. Luckily, there are some things you can buy in the Hamptons that will at least put a dent in that $600 million payout. For example…

A $75 million home in East Hampton is now for sale near Georgica Beach. The house is listed in East Hampton’s most prestigious area, with 5.5 acres of land, a boating dock, Georgica Pond frontage and everything else that impresses people.

Not into buying? Well then, how about a rental? For just $500,000 every two weeks, one can rent the infamous “Sandcastle” estate built and owned by Joe Farrell. Last year, Jay-Z shelled out the record amount for two weeks in July, so if you want to rent it year round (26 x $500,000) it will only cost you $13 million. And of course, you can probably get the year round discount.

Still got a few hundred million left gathering interest? Don’t worry, we can keep the spending going. If you’re into golf you could get memberships at Sebonack and The Bridge golf clubs which are rumored to cost $1,000,000 year. That can set you back a little bit.

You can also buy a few airplanes and helicopters to get you around town. Light jets can run you anywhere between $3 million to $8 million and can take five to eight passengers roughly 2,000 miles. Fly that baby into East Hampton airport and then pay off the neighbors who complain about the noise for $1 million per neighbor.

Boats. Out here on the East End, boats are great. I’d go for a nice sailboat since motor boats are bad for the environment. Going green when you’re rich is very in these days. I’ve noticed that a lot of pool houses have solar panels, which, you know, help offset the 20,000,000-square-foot home’s heating bill.

Anyway, Nautor Swan 105 can cost beyond $10 million, not to mention the $1 million a year or so you’ll be spending on the cost of keeping it in pristine condition and keeping a captain and crew fully staffed year round.

And what about autos? Well, there’s always the Bugatti, which is a car that will run you about $2 million. Why not get one for everybody you know?

Of course, you’ve got to give some to charity, and there is no better or more fun way to do it than to donate to charity through the party circuit here in the Hamptons. The Annual Have A Heart Ball and Dan’s Taste of Two Forks are great options, and the giving is limitless, so technically, you can spend it all there.

Note from writer: This was actually a lot more difficult than I thought it would be. Anybody out there have some more ideas?

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