If You Want To Know The Difference Between The Vibe In East Hampton and Montauk, An Old Pig Who Roams Around Can Give You The Answer.

Montauk Pig
Montauk Pig

An old pig has been spotted roaming in Montauk near the Naturally Good health food store. The pig is very friendly, and has gained the attention of tourists and locals alike in Montauk. When I met the pig, absolutely nobody knew what the story was.

“Is he lost? Should we call somebody?”

“No he just roams around the neighborhood,” said a passerby.

I snapped a photo and wanted to know a little bit more about the pig, and found out that it is owned by Yvonne and Ryan Persan of Montauk, who have the pig as a pet. One woman at Naturally Good told me that, “Sometimes people think that it’s the store’s pig because he likes to stroll by the corner over there.”

“That’s a lot of bacon,” another guy said, which immediately received a few scowls from people.


I was amazed at how normal this all seemed. On the East End, there are numerous rules that are enforced in regards to what is allowed and not allowed in town. In East Hampton Village, if this pig showed up ANYWHERE and decided to seek some attention from ANYBODY, I can guarantee you that authorities would show up.

In Montauk, nobody asks, they just say, “Hey look at that pig. He’s so cute.”

I like Montauk.

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