Nancy Atlas Presents TALKHOUSEFEST

Johnny Blood and Nancy Atlas
Johnny Blood and Nancy Atlas

Hamptons music fans generally have to wait for height of the summer to see top musicians. By July 4 weekend the best “local talent,” be they nationally or internationally known, perform at venues all over the East End. On Saturday, May 18, that’s all going to change when TALKHOUSEFEST hits Amagansett‘s Main Street.

Billed as “a kickoff party to celebrate an epic summer of East End music,” TALKHOUSEFEST is the brainchild of beloved Montauk singer, songwriter and Hamptons rock and roll icon Nancy Atlas, and it promises to fulfill any local music fan’s desires. Never one to disappoint, Atlas (and her many talented friends) are putting together a formidable line up for the main event onstage at The Stephen Talkhouse. They’ve even set up free performances across the street in Amagansett Square, including a puppet show by Liz Joyce’s Goat on a Boat.

Enjoy this rare opportunity to enjoy the talented, the famous and the infamous who also call the Hamptons their home, and it’s no farther than Amagansett. The show is about excellent music and musicians supporting each other at the legendary local venue, The Stephen Talkhouse. This local bar is an institution which for 25 years has continually booked local favorites and internationally known musical acts, including the likes of Jon Bon Jovi, Paul McCartney, Billy Joel and Sting, among many others.

The people behind TALKHOUSEFEST respect their craft and The Talkhouse takes its music seriously, no matter how much fun it still is.

As the performer who holds the title for repeatedly breaking the attendance record at The Stephen Talkhouse during her 14 years of headlining there, event organizer Nancy Atlas is not only a much loved local icon, but also a well respected musician and member of her community. Nancy Atlas and her band (Brett King, Richard Rosch, Johnny Blood and Neil Surreal) have performed at countless East End benefits and fundraisers for local causes and people. If something cool is happening with music in Montauk and/or benefits the local communities as well as the musical talent that lives and works on the East End, Nancy Atlas is probably involved. Her performance schedule during the summer season is staggering, her loyal followers are legion and her high-energy performances are often cited as the highlight of any event with her band on the bill. She’ll tell you she’s just “doing her job,” but with close to nine years as a Dan’s Papers Best of the Best musical performer, it’s clear the public thinks she’s pretty amazing.

One of the unique things about the tight-knit musical community on the East End is the apparent lack of competition.  This means it’s not unusual to have performers of every level and type—full time professionals to weekend journeymen—jamming together on one stage. So, when Atlas says she’s going to call on her friends to “sit in,” they all show up, and they are a varied and talented group.  It’s good to have friends such as Joe Delia, Caroline Doctorow, Inda Eaton and Dan Baily.

TALKHOUSEFEST has, according to Atlas, “taken on a life of it’s own.” What began as a chance for these good friends—who also happen to be accomplished musicians—to share a fun night before the summer grind sets in, has become a true happening.  The musical “triangle” comprising Crossroads Music, Innersleeve Records and The Talkhouse makes the often laid back, eclectic hamlet of Amagansett a perfect spot for celebrating local music and the musicians who create it. If you love music, especially the East End music scene, and respect the artists who create, it you won’t want to miss TALKHOUSEFEST.

The TALKHOUSEFEST lineup includes Nancy Atlas and the Uncle Suzie Band with special guests Mama Lee Rose, Dan Bailey, Caroline Doctorow, Klyph Black, Inda Eaton, Jettykoon, Joe Delia, Winston Irie and Matty Liot. The main event begins onstage at The Stephen Talkhouse at 7:45 p.m. on Saturday, May 18. The free Goat on a Boat puppet show begins at 6 p.m. in Amagansett Square (it will move inside The Talkhouse in the event of rain), followed by drum circle.

Innersleeve Recordswill present acoustic performances by Jewlee Trudden and Incircles from 6–6:45 p.m. and Mama Lee Rose and Friends from 7–7:45 p.m. Crossroads Music will be hosting Ludmilla Brazil at the same time.

The Stephen Talkhouse is located at 161 Main Street in Amagansett.

Nancy Atlas summer mayhem
Nancy Atlas summer mayhem,


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