100 Songs of Summer #91: “Volcano” by Jimmy Buffett

jimmy buffett

Enjoy a bit of goofy seasonal happiness in today’s edition of our Top 100 Songs of Summer countdown. Clap your hands to this tune that all of us know.

Hamptons Song of Summer #91

“Volcano” by Jimmy Buffett

There is nobody else in the world that symbolizes the summer lifestyle through music better than Jimmy Buffett. The man is a legend and his song “Volcano,” about not knowing what to do or where to go when a volcano goes off, will always put you in a good mood.

Written by Buffett, Keith Sykes and Harry Dailey and released as a single in 1979, a number of places are mentioned in this hit, and they were largely in the context when it was first recorded, but today when Buffett performs “Volcano,” he usually throws in a local town close to wherever he’s playing the song live.

Buffett will undoubtedly have more songs appearing this list, but don’t worry, we’ll have margaritas much closer to the top spot.

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