Ask the Expert: Summer Seasonal Deep Cleaning

Photo by Vincente Wolfe
Photo by Vincente Wolfe

If you haven’t yet had time to deep clean your home, now is the time. A seasonal deep home cleaning is designed to detail-clean your home so it looks like new, over and over again. Sabrina Fierman, Vice President, Business Development at New York’s Little Elves, and her team offer tips on how to cleaning everything from windows to outdoor grills. And what better time than before your summer guests arrive?

Windows and screen:  Have all your windows and skylights professionally cleaned.  The results are far superior to what you can achieve with Windex and paper towels, no matter the elbow grease you put into it.

Chandeliers, sconces, and other light fixtures: To bring the sparkle back, consider having a professional clean all these for you, or consider this tip for a do-it-your-self project: For chandeliers over a dining room table, cover the table and surrounding floor with waterproof tarp. With shoes off, a la Betty Ford, arm yourself with a spray bottle filled with a 50/50 solution of water and white vinegar. Spray crystals generously. The cleaner will fall on the tarp, along with accumulated dust. Either let air-dry or, for extra sparkle, wipe individual crystals with a lint-free, absorbent rag.

Beds: Before changing over the bedding, air out mattresses by placing them against the wall for 12 to 24 hours. Launder mattress pads, linens, bed skirts and comforters while mattresses are airing.

Dusting hard-to-reach areas: A deep cleaning should include dusting throughout the home to reach all areas of the house, including ceiling fans (a must!), under and behind all furniture, all exposed shelving, door knobs and handles, light switches, and even walls. Areas not visible to the eye must also be cleaned, including crown moldings, tops of doors, tops of cabinets, and interior closets.

Kitchens: In addition to all the cabinet surfaces, counters, and appliances, clean the hardware, and regularly empty all cabinets, clean the interiors and replace the items. A well-used oven, if not self-cleaning, is a project in itself, especially when including the hood. A thorough cleaning of the interior refrigerator should also be on the list. And don’t forget to sanitize those garbage cans, and clean out the cabinet under the sink; this is the source of most kitchen odors.

Bathrooms: In addition to the usual bathroom cleaning (sink, toilet, bath/shower and floor), clean all tiles from ceiling on down, scrub the grout, clean the interior medicine cabinet and ensure the light fixtures are well dusted and clean.  After thoroughly cleaning grout, we always recommend resealing it every six months to prevent discoloration and mold growth. Speak with your contractor or handyman about a maintenance program for that.

The outside of the home likely needs attention too, as this is where we all like to spend our long summer days out East!

Outdoor grill: A deep clean is messy and laborious but needed for health, sanitary and culinary reasons. It should be taken apart, cleaned thoroughly, and re-assembled.

Outdoor patio furniture: Cushions can be wiped down and aired out in the sun for at least a day to remove any mold and odors resulting from winter storage. Shout! or Spray-and-Wash stain remover and a brush and rag can spot-clean stains or accumulated rubbed-in dirt.

The shed: De-clutter, organize and clean your shed for easy access to summer paraphernalia such as beach items, children’s outdoor toys, etc.

Either for your summer home or your apartment in the city while you are away, whether you have a trusted housekeeper or house staff, consider a seasonal deep house cleaning as an investment in your property and personal well-being.

Have questions about a deep house cleaning for your home? You can contact New York’s Little Elves at  212-673-5507 or visit them online at


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