Indy Film “Montauk Highway” Seeks Teen Actors

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East Hampton independent filmmaker Brooks Elms is hard at work on his latest movie, Montauk Highway—a teen love story set in East Hampton that explores the dynamics between the summer crowd and the locals who live here. The director and his co-producer and co-writer Greg Cantwell are aiming to shoot around spring of 2014, but they’re already on the hunt for young local talent to fill the supporting roles with authentic East End residents.

The film’s tagline, “Blue Collar Meets Blue Blood,” is certainly compelling. Will it be Romeo and Juliet in the Hamptons?

Auditions begin at the East Hampton High School auditorium on Monday, July 8 from 2–7 p.m., followed by rehearsals on Wednesday and a script reading over the weekend. The first round of auditions will be for the script reading only, but the Montauk Highway website notes that actors in the reading would get first consideration for the official casting in the spring.

Elms is seeking eight actors, including six guys and two girls, for the reading. To learn more about the roles, visit the character “Breakdowns” section of the film’s website, Once the actors are in place, they will rehearse the script and then participate in the free public reading on Saturday, July 13. Actors will not be paid for the reading.

For all the details, including the full screenplay, character descriptions and how to submit for a part, visit

Brooks Elms
Brooks Elms,

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