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Our Trailer Parks Really Are Better than Yours

Is one person’s trailer another person’s Montauk treasure?

A recent New York Post article, “Summer Rental: Hampton Locals’ 2-Month Trailer-Cash Bonanza,” seems to indicate just that. Local East End families have rented out their year-round properties for tens of thousands of dollars, and are bunking in Montauk Shores Condominiums, which is also known as the Ditch Plains Trailer Park, for the high season.

The Post does the math: One East Hampton Village family is getting $50,000 in rent for their home for July and August. The yearly cost of the space in Montauk is $16,800 a year, for a profit of $33,200 for the summer.

But the profit doesn’t come with the ultimate sacrifice of “roughing it,” as the Post refers to their digs as “glamping,” or glamorous-camping, and indicates that Mercedes and Audis are a frequent presence.

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