You Will Blow Your Kids’ Minds if You Bring Them to Watch the Star Island Shark Tournament in Montauk

Star Island Yacht Club in Montauk is having their 27th annual shark tournament today and tomorrow. If you want to see your kid’s eyes light up when these giant fish are brought to shore, you’ll want to get down there. The tournament is being held today and tomorrow.

This year’s prize money pool is going to be roughly $60,000. The types of sharks that are caught are supremely dangerous. Mako sharks and thresher sharks will be coming over the rails and an award for the heaviest “other” species will be given out as well. “There really isn’t a chance for a great white to be caught,” said George Learner, a fisherman in Montauk, “but you never know. A hammerhead is very possible, as well as a tiger shark.”

The shark meat will be donated to the Long Island Council of Churches Food pantry, and there are very strict fishing limits.

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