100 Songs of Summer #42 “She Loves You” by The Beatles

She Loves You Single Cover
She Loves You Single Cover

It’s about time that the Top 100 Songs of Summer countdown had the Beatles in the mix.  There is nothing quite like listening to the smooth sounds of this legendary band while driving in the Hamptons with the top down in the middle of the summer. So we’ve got one for you that fits the bill.

Hamptons 100 Songs of Summer #42
“She Loves You” by The Beatles

There really is nothing quite like a good song about love, and if there is one song that reminds you about summer love on the East End it’s this tune produced by George Martin in the summer of 1963. Written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney, “She Loves You” is a feel good song for a feel good summer day.

It’s one of those songs that everyone knows, everyone smiles to when they hear it play, and everybody sings along to. The chorus is famously catchy and the chords are easy to reach. Producer George Martin originally found the song to be “corny”, but as the song rocketed to fame and continues to live on throughout the world, we have a feeling he’s fairly happy with it today.

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