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100 Songs of Summer #64 “Unwound” by George Strait

As this entry in our Top 100 Songs of Summer countdown proves, woman (or man) troubles can send just about anyone into a tailspin, but sometimes the chaos—and more than a few drinks—is just what the doctor ordered.

Hamptons 100 Songs of Summer #64

“Unwound” by George Strait

This toe-tapping number was originally written for country star Johnny Paycheck in 1980, but he was in jail at the time, so it became a big hit for George Strait instead. “Unwound” is straight-up, no nonsense country—fiddles and all. And there’s something special about a true country music singalong during the hot summer nights.

Whether you’ve experienced the madness of boozing away lost love, or just enjoy singing about it, this song is a guaranteed good time. Given a chance, Strait’s classics, like this one, will convert any fool who claims to hate country. He’ll be line dancing before he knows what hit him.

That woman I had wrapped around my finger just come unwound

She kicked me outta the house and tonight I’m whiskey-bound

I’m gonna be the drunkest fool in town

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