Monte Farber’s Psychic Thoughts: Super Saturday

Monte Farber Super Saturday
Super Saturday, Photo: Monte Farber

We had a great time at Super Saturday, the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund’s annual, fun-filled, family-oriented daylong fundraiser, complete with a one-of-a-kind designer garage sale, kids’ carnival and activities, a luxury raffle and gourmet treats. One of the most popular attractions there, besides the bargain shopping, was the “Psychic Reading” tent- it had a super-long line!

I am a professional psychic, and have been an intuitive counselor for many years. I sometimes do readings for special events at Bergdorf Goodman, where my wife Amy Zerner sells her clothing and jewelry lines. It is my pleasure to help people, and customers love it. They line up for hours.

Everyone has questions, and they want answers. I am always amazed at the questions people ask, and equally amazed at the answers “they” tell me, from the other side.

I earned my psychic ability by first wanting to seek knowledge of the nature of personal reality. The trick is that you don’t have to find it, but you do have to seek it. As in so many things, it’s when you set your intention and go on the journey that magic happens, and now every day I take part in psychic phenomena that is considered magic by both the people I read for and by me, too.

I am as excited and surprised by the accuracy of my psychic predictions and conversations with the dead as anyone and I believe that I always will be. The implications of it are enormous.

Sometimes going to a psychic at a party or event is just for entertainment, but also remember, when you ask serious questions of a psychic, make sure the person is reputable. You are putting your trust in someone, so they should come highly recommended, just like a doctor.

Remember this, too: It’s not the goal, it’s the intention and the journey… and what a journey it’s been!

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