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My Invisible Nephew at Race Lane in East Hampton Says Goodbye

I’m already missing my niece and nephew, and this picture just made me miss them more. I was out at Race Lane in East Hampton with them as well as my sister, Dad, step-mother, brother and brother-in-law and the mood was upbeat, but also a little sad because I knew they were heading back to California.

My nephew Rhone was donning a camouflage sweatshirt and shorts, which I guess is in fashion with kids these days, and I noticed that his hoodie completely surrounds his face like a mask. I’ve never seen anything like this before. “Oh man, it’s the coolest thing! Check it out!”

Rhone then ran in front of the bushes that are in the Race Lane parking lot, pulled up his hoodie and yelled, “Can you see me?”

“Nope,” I said.

Man I miss the rascals already.

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